Santa Fe caboose #999737

  The wide vision style caboose was built by International Car Company in 1978 as part of an order for 50 Santa Fe placed. They  became the Ce-8 class,  and were numbered from 999700 to 999749.

  Allthough exactly where it was used is unknown evidence points to it being used on lines in New Mexico and Arizona. At some point in the 1980's it was involved in a derailment and retired. It was sent to the Topeka, KS shops where it awaited disposition (it was used as a parts source for other cabooses also).

  In 1990 your webmaster's mom approached Santa Fe about donating a caboose to the museum, but the railroad was only selling them. Persistence led to an offer to buy one for a rock bottom price in 1991. The caboose Santa Fe picked out was 999737. The caboose was moved by truck from Topeka to the museum on September 21 1991. Immeadiately afterwards restoration work began, including painting most of the interior and replacing some missing parts. After a change in management in the county historical society in 1993 the caboose languished behind the depot. In 1999 it was sold to the city of Osage City, who tried to come up with a use for it but couldn't. Meanwhile it was starting to suffer from vandalisim. Finaly after the caboose was given to OCAHPS arround 2002 further restoration work began. In 2005 a couple of the damaged windows were repaired, the interior fully repainted, lighting put back in order, and some exterior work (including painting the handrails and straightening out a step that was bent in the derailment) done.

  The plans are to restore it to it's original glory, however several parts and a new exterior paint job will be needed first.