Gilday White Eagle gas station

  The gas station is what got OCAHPS started.  The building was built in 1928 as a White Eagle service station. After it closed it was used for storage by the owners (the Gildays, who also owned Gilday Trucking). By 1997 the station appeared heading for demolition, when a group of interested Osage Citians pulled together to save the building. The heirs of Kate and Ed Gilday donated the building and corner lot it occupies to the newly formed OCAHPS (a.k.a. the Gilday Gas Station Group).

  Through generous contributions of labor, material, and dollars, the building was given a new roof, new wood, and paint, removal of the underground gas storage tanks (which hadn't been removed), wiring redone, old sidewalks removed, and the unique oil pit used by the mechanics was unearthed (it has since been refilled in). Remaining work includes landscaping, completing interior work, and more concrete work. The goal is to turn it into a museum for gas station and related memorabilia.

  The 2 star features of the station are the eagle statue and glass globe gas pump. which were tracked down and aquired for the station.