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April 21 2009



It will take some time to get it 100% complete, but when it is it will be updated frequently.


  2nd caboose?

We are currently checking into getting a Missouri Pacific coach / baggage / caboose that the Museum of Transport in St. Louis, MO will soon be letting go. Allthough the city (and county) has the depot and caboose to represent the Santa Fe, the're is nothing to represent Osage City's 2nd railroad, the MO-PAC. This caboose would be just the ticket. The biggest hurdle is moving it from there to here. We are working on securing quotes for moving it, and unfortunately the deadline for proposals is April 30th.


Below is a photo of the caboose. If we are successfull in getting it, it will need MAJOR work to restore it.

June 8 2009

 No word about the caboose from the MOT, so id doesn't look like we got it. So our search for a MO-PAC caboose continues.


Aug. 28 2009

Doug Chase, member of the paranormal group Ghost Hunters,  will be cooperating with us to have a fundraiser for the depot arround Haloween. His group would come to the depot, discuss their group, have photos information about what they have found/seen (orbs, etc)  in other places (being discreet) etc.   They've  done this at several other places, including the old Armands Hotel (across from the depot), the Os County Courthouse, and Chase Co. courthouse.


Also in October  the O.C. Arts Council has a Flinthills display coming (possibly Oct. 18-25).  


Oct. 14 2009

The Ghost Hunters thing has been cancelled.


Feb. 14 2010

Site updated with more pic's and links to 2 videos.